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All queer girl and lesbian focused events  in Southern California from San Louis Obispo and Below LA, Palm Springs, Long Beach, San Diago, etc.  Sometimes finding a lesbian event is like finding Waldo, at least with Queer Girlpages Network and the amazing APP 'Girlpages LIVE'  we have funneled them into one location.  

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Submit a event. Prepare a 'Public Facebook Event' Send us the link and a brief Description. Girlpages events are 60+ % Queer Girl or Lesbian focused. 


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Many ways to find QueerGirl & Lesbian events in SoCal

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Queer Lesbian Events NorCal. Event that are Queer Women focused events 60% or more. NorCal.

The most current and up-to-date queer events, managed by promoters. You must be logged into Facebook to see events for 21.

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Timely queer posts of events, videos and important regional and local event news. You should LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE> 'SEE FIRST" FB suppresses our post unless you 'see first' +always like our post to help others. 

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Compiled News Girlpages Network, HotTopics, Girlpages Travel, #GirlpagesSoCal Hastags See below.

Compiled News SoCal, Girlpages Network, HotTopics, Girlpages Travel, #GirlpagesSoCal Hastags See below. 

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Google Calendar Monthly & Weekly Queer Events

ALWAYS check the provided link. We are never informed of changes. This is just a guide to help you find weekly & monthly events.  Also these don't always end up in facebook. 


We follow queer girl tweets. Most up to date way to get info from us & others.

We follow queer girl tweets. Most up to date way to get info from us and others. We follow other lesbians. 

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Queer events on Eventbrite in NorCal

Eventbright in SoCal Area Lesbian / Queer Girl tagged events. When you go to the link, explore the area moving the map.. 

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SoCal Queer / Lesbian Queer Girl focused Meetups. Sorry this only works on the APP 'Girlpages LIVE'


Lesbian and Queer hashtags for events

Use this hashtag #GirlpagesSoCal to get your message to us and our people. Please do not spam. One # per week per venue! XOXO 

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SoCal Venues Directory Queer women event venues 

QueerGirl Map & Gay Pride Map.

Lesbian Venues & Gay Pride Map.

Lesbian Venues & Gay Pride Map. Explore who's in the area and get more hints on places to go. When your new. Always check links for current stuff. 

QueerGirlpages Travel

Queer Girl pages travel. Lesbian travel

Any event the is a over a day, major lesbian event parties, or day cruse, rides, vacations, etc. 

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Pride Planner Network PPN

PPN: Pride Planner Network

Number one website to get gay events around the world and gay travel. PRIDE PLANNER NETWORK

Pride Planner Network gay / queer pride world wide. Pride Map and Calendar. 

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Alliance Network Directory 'AND'

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Hot Topics Queer News Lesbian News

Hot Topics

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