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Hashtag Girlpages+ Region


We ask promoters to Hashtag Girlpages+ their Region to show up on that regional page. Like #GirlpagesNorCal will end up in our NorCal feed. This gives the community more control and faster access to our people. Please do not spam our walls!  Think of Girlpages’s divided into ‘regions’ like the weather (GPN)  ‘Girlpages’; our directories, QueerGirl map, Hot Topics, PridePlanner, and Travel applies to all queer girl and lesbians events in that region. Where ‘GirlpagesEast’, West, Central, NorCal, SoCal and Europe is what’s happening in your area/region. Travel (which you definitely want to subscribe to) applies to ALL regions, which equal events you have to travel to and a there are a bunch of events that are happening, such as larger venues like 'women's weekend' or  events lasting over a day. 

QueerGirl / Lesbian


What is a 'Lesbian or Queer Girl Focused Event?' A event that has 60%+ or more lesbians and / or Queer Women identified events. We assume most the LGBTQAI community is welcoming to all LGBTQAI and Allies. You need to check each event you are interested in. We don't have events, we just have a space to help promote them. Queers will drive a lot miles to go to a event. The more details whats happening, the better.

Queer Girl Biz Directory


Our directories help promote queer businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry. 



QueerGirl Code

We celebrate queer owned businesses, venues and allies so our community can make a effort to support the business that proudly support us!  Our Queer community is not just in big cities, they are everywhere. And out of all of our community, women identified or lesbians are the most underserved. The intention of our map and icons to to help find and support them.   

LOO= Lesbian Owned or Operated 50% or more       

QOO= Queer Girl Lesbian Owned or Operated 50% or more

GOO= Lesbian Owned or Operated 50% or more      

WOO= Women Lesbian Owned or Operated 50% or more also a Alley 

TOO= Trans Owned or Operated 50% or more

AOO = Alley Owned or Operated  

N/A = Non-Binary  Owned or Operated  


It is up to individuals if they want to sport their diversity publicly. We are simply providing a resource. Just because a event or business has the 'LOO' label doesn't mean it's exclusive to 'lesbians or queer girls' .

Sample of what's going on around our regions

About Queer Girlpages™



We do not claim to understand all the dynamics of the LGBTQAI or Queer community. Our goal is make sure lesbians still have a stand in a male dominated gay community by promoting their lesbian / queer girl focused events. If we had proper funding we could open up to the broader community. We just need the funds to do it. We also have Pride Planner which promotes all gay / queer pride events. See 'PridePlanner'


Girl Biz Directory

Our directories help promote LGBTQ queer women businesses in the entertainment industry. 

Girlpages HerStory

Stacy Poulos Founder Queer Girlpages™ photo NO8 Campaign Adam Bouska photography

Established in 2002 At A Lesbian Pool Party

All good things come from gatherings. I was new to the gay community in 1999. When I decided this is where I belonged, I realized there were great lesbian events but no one way to find them. So I decided to put my years of professional media experience (Owner of Video Film Productions) to make a hub of queer girl focused events and venues. And a space for all gay / queer community 'PridePlanner' Network.

I'm proud to be a lesbian. I get what  'blended' means and non-binary. I came from the suburbia straight world. I also know what it means to be in between the two worlds, and maybe why some people choose to not be labeled for what ever reason. I consider myself a 'lipstick tomboy' where that label? However if we don't use queer terms we can't search and find each other.  

I am always willing to change with time.  I'm happy to extend girlpages to more niche queer communities. Lets have a conversation about it. -Stacy Poulos Founder


Girlpages Network

For the purpose of finding each other, our queer friends, we have to be able to be searched with terms. So please don't be offended we if don't include all LGBTQAI terms all the time in our descriptions. Here 'Lesbian' is a umbrella term that equals' 'lesbian or Queer girl, women,  Boi's, Trans women'. It's not exactly what you are, it's who you may want to meet. Kind of like a 'Greek Festival'. You know Greek is the theme, There will be Greeks, Greek food, Greek music, and Greek people, but all are welcome. 

Queers inside big cities don't always understand there is usually nothing for us in suburbia. We have to rely on search terms to find events. 'Queer' dose not define that it's a queer women focused event. I know many who drive 30-70 miles and more, to go to a 3 hour event in the city. Not having this type of resource, girlpages network has suppressed our entire community.  So where the 'word' 'queer' seams inclusive, it doesn't help with 'google' search terms.  Events wont succeed unless they are well attended, and we will all be subject to going to a straight bar because lesbian bars can't survive.  

Queer Girlpages is inclusive to LGBTQAI community.  I've never known a event to make you stick your tongue out to prove your a lesbian 8-)  

 (lgbtq, arts and entertainment queer)


How it works.

Our network of promoters feed into each Region that applies to the area. Some are submitted, some are subscribed and some are from hashtags. At the bottom of news feed is the source of the information. It's a incredible time. Asking to submit events only gives us a fraction of whats out there subscribing to promoters makes it easier to find whats going on. There has never been anything like this in the gay community. Actually nor is there anything in the straight community like this. So if your a promoter contact us so we can figure out how to get you in.