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Spotlight  #GirlpagesLIVE  June 6, 2017

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#GirlpagesLIVE Spotlight Artist Sarah Smith

Who better to have my first Spotlight artist than the talented  ‘Sarah Smith’? #sarahsmithmusic.  She’s so cool and hard working. Last year we produced our second music video together that ended up winning 5 awards! Enjoy. Oh, and if Ellen’s listening, you need to consider Sarah. I don’t know if she can dance, that would be kinda fun to watch, but I sure know she can rock it!  I’d love to see her on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show! #sarahonellen XOXO
Featured Albums:  The Journey 

Newest Album: 11 

Sarah Smith ‘Into Into The Light’ Directed by Stacy Poulos

Take a inspiring journey with Sarah Smith, best adult contemporary artist, as she belts out a heartfelt riveting performance from reflection to healing. ‘Into The Light’ a song by Sarah Smith and Dermot Grehan. Music Produced by Pat Anthony. Director and Cinematography by Stacy Poulos.

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