Hashtag your lesbian focused events in your region and it shows up on our regional pages on our website… and APP: GirlpagesLIVE!


Example regions: #girlpageseast #girlpagesnorcal #girlpagessocal #girlpageseast #girlpageswest #girlpagescentral #girlpageseurope


Why add ‘girlpages’ to the front of the hashtag? Have you ever looked up ‘lesbian’ on the web, facebook etc? It’s unfairly spammed po rno graphy. This helps keep that to a minimum and our events less exposed to fruitcakes. Girlpages is not about your sexuality and all the facets of the LGBTQ-AI-XYZ, it’s about our community and coming together as respected individuals and maybe even meeting a potential girlfriend or just hanging our with like minded friends.


No spamming, keep it clean
no sexual content or sponsors
must be 60%+ lesbian focused


1 post per event weekly event
2 post per monthly events/in month of event (anymore and your spamming and covering up other events).


Major events
1 post per month leading up to major events
2 post in the month of the event

Only post to the region your event is! It’s always good to add the city and state of your event in the post since we are nation wide.


Know your region. Also send us your PUBLIC facebook event and we will add it to our calendar.  [submit]


Want to sponsor #girlpagesLIVE? We need the help, you can donate to girlpages or have a event in our honor. What a appropriate donation 1x or 2x’s the door price is a great and appreciative start. We can only get better at promoting you with more funding.

Join the revolution, support the cause! XOXO


PS Don’t worry our European sisters, we are working on you. in the meantime #girlpageseurope and we will see you!