Introducing the exclusive app for women of the LGBTQ Community. See some of what’s inside.

Girlpages Live’ is the app for (established in 2002) the largest and most trusted lesbian events calendar for lesbian events and resources in the Nation and world!  Join the revolution, get the app. It includes a ‘lesbian map’ that serves as a directory that gives you insight on lesbian venues and known hangout places.

We are a funnel of information, we point to other social medias we know have lesbian events. We do not have events. We may co-sponsor events, but they are not ours.

GirlChatter For Events

Their is A chat room for events that can be a game changer for lesbians trying to create a space to go and meet up with other lesbians. Say your on vacation at a lesbian event, you can get in a chat room and ask where everyone is going for dinner before a show. Or coffee after a event.

Google Calendars
The Google events calendar allow us to point viewers towards consistent monthly and weekly events or lesbian bars offering ladies nights. We can not keep up with event changes unless they submitted by promoters and are transferred into facebook events, so you will always have to check the link for current information. Many are doubled up on on facebook. 

Facebook Events
Facebook events are completely updated by the event promoters themselves. You do not have to have a facebook account to see whats on facebook events. However if a bar has ‘age restrictions’, facebook will not show the event unless you are logged in to facebook as 21 and older. Once you are logged into ‘girlpages live’ the app you don’t have to again. However you will be constantly prompted to log in option to facebook, when viewing facebook events. This is not us, its facebook. We do not get to know anything about your facebook relationship or account or log in, we have not interest either. It’s just facebooks way of censorship. It’s kinda silly because you can’t go in a bar or buy alcohol without a ID. And there are Ads for alcohol all over the web, TV and in print. 

There is much more to Girlpages to say. Girlpages is always striving to bring innovative ways to bring you lesbian events. We may phase out some things if we find they don’t work well and add things we think may.  Anyway, we hope you join our network and support out efforts by purchasing the APP and telling your friends. It’s a one time subscription that helps pay for the technology and get events on girlpages weekly. So thank you in advance.