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The APP is a reflection of Girlpages Network

Established in 2002

maximized for devices.

Think of Girlpages’s divided into ‘regions’ like the weather ‘Girlpages Network’ (GPN) our directories, lesbian map, Hot Topics, PridePlanner and Travel applies to all lesbians. Where ‘GirlpagesEast’, West, Central, NorCal, SoCal and Europe is what’s happening in your area/region.

Below is a preview of 2 posts from each ‘region above’ in the last 20 minutes. When you go to YOUR REGION. It takes a while to load because we are grabbing the last ’50 POSTs’ from the last “20 MINUTES! So please be patient!  In the APP ‘Girlpages LIVE’ it’s the ‘regional news’ button. XOXO 

Inside the App it’s easy to navigate. Once you find what region you live, that will be your main page. Here you are seeing regions. Travel is any event over a day. i.e. the big ones you don’t want to miss! PS the Icons may change. We are contantly updating. The website and App.

1st button”Event News” in that area. This is what GirlpagesNorCal looks like. Each ‘region’ looks the same. The first 4 buttions are important to check. The 1st button takes a minute to load because we are gathering what has been posted in the last 30 minutes from all our resources, and that’s a lot!

Button #2 “Events” On the left, Notice the ‘f’ for Facebook. Brings you here. These are chronological facebook events. You don’t need to have a FB account to see events. However, if you are not logged into FB as 21+ some events will be invisible.  This is a facebook restriction, not us. If you’re a promoter make a lesbian focused PUBLIC FB event and send it to us. (Contact)

Button #3 “+MoreEvents” = Google monthly and weekly lesbian events guide. Always check the link for accuracy. Event venues change w/out notice. This helps remind us of weekly and monthly events. If promoters forget to get us a FB event at lease the community knows to watch out for it. This is only a guide.

Our directory right now is focused on Arts, Travel and Entertainment. As Girlpages Network grows, we can expand into other areas. To be on Girlpages or Pride Planner Network you have to be committed to respecting diversity. There isn’t a full proof system we do not checkup on companies with thural investigations.  


How can we support Lesbian Owned and / or Operated, gay owned, or gay friendly allies unless there was a way to identfy them? I came up with ‘girl code & girl status’. Throughout Girlpages we proudly advertise your girl status.  We want to support LOO / WOO venues. 



Know; LOO = Lesbian owned and / or opperated 50% + You will see LOO applied to many listing including girl bands. WOO = Women Owned and Opprated 50%+   Above is our LOO map marker. WOO is blue. LOO also applies to Bi and Queer Women. There is also LREP = a Lesbian Representative of an Organization.  

Gay Pride Event /

Gay Bar with lesbian venues 

This indicates gay bars on our Lesbian Map that may have a lesbian night or heavy lesbian following. On our ‘Pride Planner’ Map it’s indicated gay pride events around the world. 


We love when the straight community is proud to welcome the gay community. This represents our ‘AND’ Alliance Network Directory who are commited to respecting and welcoming  ‘diversity and equality’. So you are just another fabulous customer. In some cases it’s also a paid sponsorship in some cases. 

Instagram Regional News fueled by promoters. 

We are always thinking of ways to put girlpages in the hands of the people and promoters. Both in our regional website pages and APP, you can click on the instagram or Twitter icon in that region and it will lead you to what promoters are saying about up coming events and news. We don’t want these tags to be spammed. Using girlpages hastags reaches a broader real lesbian audience. See regional map. 

Twitter fueled by promoters.
We follow known promoters on twitter in your region. It’s impossible to keep up with all lesbians, so you can check these areas for more clues to whats going on. Example; 



Girlpages Hot Topics we share articles we believe lesbians are interested in and have media partners who are experts in this areas. We don’t write the news, we leave it up to the experts. We just share the news. So if you want just the ‘news’ go to hot topics or girl media.   

GirlChatter For Lesbian Events. This is a game changer! Never before has their been a chat room dedicated where lesbians can coordinate events before, during or after events! Imagine going to a 2 day event and you want to know where everyone is going for dinner, a cocktail, hike? Or your at a event that closes early but everyone still wants to party. Start a chat in your region.

*This will take a while to take off, imagine the possibilities. We are happy to create rooms such as ‘Podunk Iowa Chat Room’ etc. So we keep our people talking and together!  

Each ‘region’ has social media icons that feed in that regions information. Promoters can hastag their event with all their normal tags and add the girlpages regional tag and it ends up on our website and APP!! I know, it’s freaking genius! It’s fueled by the community!  This will take awhile for promoters to catch on, but it’s a platform to express to a broader community. Of course we have been doing this since the onset of any social media that makes sense. With new technology this will really rock. 

Lets say we have a sponsor that owns a car company and theirs a lesbian sales rep. If companies want to advertise these reps, this is how we distinguish them. 

It’s important to make a point to support lesbian businesses, especially venues and bars. If someone took the time to make a space for our community, thank them! Support them! 


Dose it make sense to jump on all available technology? NO! We have the ability to add geo tagging, swipe dating, taxi service, a better directory and map, etc.  We don’t always. We test it, but a lot of the gay community wants to remain anonymous. We don’t care to know your facebook info. If you are being asked, it’s facebook not us. 

Some technology is not really all that safe and the liability is too great. We use technology that is cross platform so our website mirrors our APP, the APP is a much better experience and has more information. Do we add ‘snapchat’ and everything else under the sun? Not really. Only when it makes sense and opens a window to connect better.  Social media is overwhelming, but it helps us connect without having to reach to far. 

Finding lesbian events is like finding Waldo. Why is this? If all promoters would just submit facebook events and other social media to us, our life would be easier for everyone, but not all promoter are really ‘professional promoters’ some are just lesbians that just want community, so it’s an imperfect process to accommodate the difference. Thank goodness for all of them who step up and try to create community for us! Of course there are the big events we all love. Even though we have done a lot of work to get and organize lesbian event information for you, you still have to do your due diligence and look in the different areas of your regions. When you find events, always check for accuracy by going to the link. We are just funneling what we know into our Network.  




When we refer to ‘lesbians’ we are also speaking to Bi, Trans women, Bois, Dykes, and any women identifying members of the overall LGBTQIAA community.  The goal of this network was to bring lesbians together to mix and mingle and the people who support them. Girlpages is just a small arm in the big LGBTQIAA picture and we are the resource for women who love women.  We post ‘lesbian focused’ at least 60% or more events. The further away from more populated gay communities such as SF, NY and LA where most lesbian events are, this rule is looser because we have no lesbian community in rural areas and barley a gay community.
*LGBTQIAA =  L – Lesbian, G – Gay, B – Bisexual, T – Transgender, Q – Queer/Questioning, I – Intersex, A – Asexual, A – Ally.

I started girlpages because at the time there was no way to find lesbian events other than knowing a friend who knew about events. I’m a media producer in business 33 years now and in 2002 I decided to apply my marketing, web and multimedia skills to build a national community resource of lesbian events and women owned business directory. It’s been a incredible journey, we have put thousands  upon thousands of lesbian events and businesses on girlpages since. Girlpages Network is a funnel of lesbian information aimed to support women in business. I got the idea to do the directory in the manner I have (WOO/LOO) because at the time I was going through a certification process to become ‘Certified Women Owned’ for my company, Playback Video & Film and PostcardTravelers, I wanted to apply girlpages directory specifically for the lesbian community and the people who support them.  Now with the new APP, and recent technology, we are rejuvenated to make it even better. The vision I have always had. I need support to keep Girlpages flowing with more choices of events nationally and innovative ways of getting this to the community. This is the most content rich effort updated weekly. Support the venues on our network, tell your friends about the APP ‘girlpages LIVE’. The more funding I have to make girlpages grow, the more accessible I can make it better for all of us.

Join the revolution, support the cause. Get the APP ‘Girlpages LIVE’