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Missing on this map: #GirlpagesEurope and #GirlpagesTravel


APP issues with ‘Girlpages LIVE’? [Contact us] 

You don’t need to be logged into facebook to use ‘girlpages LIVE’ but facebook will hide events that are tagged as 21+ like bars, etc. unless you are logged in.  Social media and links outside of the APP and website like ‘Facebook’ will ask you to log in eventually. You can hit the ‘x’ button on the upper right of the notice. You don’t have to view most of whats on Girlpages. However, if you don’t, facebook will hide information that is age restricted. There is nothing we can do about that, it’s a facebook rule.


Facebook Public Event

To submit a event, first make a “”PUBLIC”” EVENT on facebook,we can not publish private events on a public website. It doesn’t matter if you have eVite, meetup or what ever, always have your Facebook event be your event communication page to the outside of your world. This will help get you in our system, more exposure and be constantly advertised.


Lesbian Focused Events

We are only accepting lesbian focused events. LGBTQ friendly, but at least 60% Lesbian focused. See our front page for details how we define these ‘lesbian’ applying to girlpages.


Message us on Facebook. With a link and a 300 charter description. You don’t have to add a lot of information, we know why you are contacting us.

Then send us a link to it. It is always best to add what the diversity of your event is. If it’s lesbian focussed, be proud to say it, in the body of your event or Girl party. This will also help.

ALWAYS FILL Out the full ADDRESS in your event, even if your so popular and everyone knows you, this will help views hit the ‘directions’ button and navigate to your event. We are going to bring you more business and new people. If it’s also a lesbian owned event let us know. The less we have to guess the better. You don’t need to add a bunch of commentary just copy and past in a message to us. The URL should be short

Please don’t ask to be facebook friends. I shut it off, so I don’t get or see them. No offense, I can’t be over whelmed with so many people I don’t know. You can always come back to girlpages website to get the current contact link.

How your event information you send us should look. It’s also good to to add a 300 charter description so we can post it with a link.


KIND: WHERE: ALWAYS ADD The State and City. Girlpages is National and worldwide.


KIND: Lesbian Event + LGBTQ friendly
WHERE: ALWAYS ADD The State and City. Girlpages is National and worldwide.


What page on Girlpages? NorCal, SoCal, East, West, Central, Europe, Travel. It’s never all! You need to know what one applies to you. We are not going to put SoCal events on the NorCal page. Unless its a sponsored larger event that makes sense. Also if your event is put on by a lesbian then you can also add “LOO” = Lesbian (or Bi) Owned & Operated 50%+ Also if it cost money, be up front and put the price in your event info. In this link below we only from fb  ALWAYS CHECK THE LINK by clicking on it, if it’s wrong fix it and resend! The less we have to think or ask the better.



San Francisco, CA / UHAUL SF’s Circus Halloween Party! Friday October 27th! Lesbian Party / LOO Join Us for a night of fun. https://www.facebook.com/events/1904201193240385/


Once we have this we know where to put it and post it, then add it to our events listing. You can add more details in the description. But that FYI is short and sweet.

[Submit event here]

Whats Next? Instagram!

Hashtag your event #girlpages_____ Area


You can Hashtag your event in the area it belongs on, twitter and instagram.  It will end up on these buttons. If you are a #GirlpagesNorCal member you will see the post on our social media icons here. Each region has their own. Also we don’t mind if you tag news like a photo for next time giving viewers a idea what they missed out on or what to expect. Remember we are always looking for the lesbians. 😎


Example #girlpageseast or #girpagessocal, etc. this will also endup in

Lesbian Events On instagram

 our other social medias. See map above. Please do not spam us. Give others a chance to add their event.


Again please don’t spam. Spamming is also considered when adding a hashtag to norcal when your event is in socal, etc. We want everyone to have a equal opportunity to get the word out. Other tags are ‘Travel Events’